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Planning an event? Want some out-of-the-ordinary and inspiring entertainment or workshops? Invite a performance poet!

Kate Wilson - poet, etc.

Based in Perth, Western Australia. Loves to travel!


Kate’s original poems are fast-paced to make your heart race. Spine-tingling rhymes designed to captivate and inspire. Themes include womanhood, social justice, confidence, wordplay, love, technology, the media and lots more.

Kate is available to perform for groups of any size. Kate has performed for schools, book clubs, dinners, music festivals, writers festivals, women’s groups, mental health events and more. Performances can include Q&A and discussions with the audience, or Kate can present a full speech with poetry woven through it.


Kate's workshops are designed to help participants to make their words, voices and bodies work together to produce powerful spoken word expression.

Kate is a qualified speech and drama teacher and runs performance poetry workshops that are fun and interactive, with emphasis on wordplay and vocal and physical performance techniques. Kate uses writing and performing activities, games and videos to inspire participants to make their spoken words attention-grabbing and memorable. 

Workshops can be tailored to suit the specific focus/theme of your event, and for all ages.

Click here to read participant feedback on Kate's workshops.


Kate provides a hands-on, voices-on, activity-packed poetry writing and speaking session for teachers. Lots of ideas, practical and adaptable exercises and most of all inspiration and fun for staff wanting to make poetic expression accessible and enjoyable for students of any age.

Click to read a post by Paul Whitehead of Bold Park Community School about Kate's staff spoken word PD. Click here for testimonials about this workshop.


A poetry slam is a type of poetry competition which started in Chicago in the 1980s and has spread all over the world. Poets are given a time limit (usually 2-3 minutes) to perform their spoken words and the performances are judged by randomly selected members of the audience in an encouraging environment.

Kate can run a slam competition as part of a workshop or series of workshops.


Hosting an event where people are standing around? Kate can wander around sharing short and sweet poems with small groups and individuals.


Think some poetry might work well with your new creation? Kate can write around your theme and add some spoken word poetry to your song/show/painting/video etc. Or we can create something together, drawing inspiration from the same source, or from each other. Oh, the possibilities! To read about Kate's previous collaborations, see the 'about' page.

Please get in touch to discuss your requirements.

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